Service Agreement: Full Reimbursement Management

niwG’O Consultants, LLC will provide the potential client with a full service contract agreement.

niwG’O Consultants, LLC, is a healthcare billing service company which provides computerized claims, billing and collection services to healthcare providers and which files medical insurance claims on behalf of healthcare providers with government and commercial companies by electronic and paper means, and which also provides for billing services directly to patients or for patient's portion of healthcare provider fees not covered by insurance.

When the client desires to retain niwG’O Consultants, LLC to provide it with claims and billing services, niwG’O Consultants, LLC will file insurance claims with government and commercial companies by electronic and paper means on behalf of Client.

The Client agrees to make available to niwG’O Consultants, LLC all information necessary to properly process the Client's claims and to submit all such billing and insurance information to niwG’O Consultants, LLC daily. In return, Billing Center will process and submit all Client’s claims within seventy-two (72) hours by electronic means wherever possible, and by paper means otherwise. The scope of services provided by niwG’O Consultants, LLC will be as follows:

  • Submit all claims regularly and on time through electronic transfers to clearinghouse.
  • Notify client of all payments received from payers and client must also notify niwG’O Consultants, LLC of all payments received directly in office to keep an accurate number of payments.
  • Provide client with performance reports as requested to advise on the financial health of the practice and to assist in practice management.

niwG'O Consultants, LLC will ask the Client to provide the following information:

  • Listing of Current Insurance Companies Used.
  • Referring Physicians.
  • Facilities at Which Doctor is Accepted or Transfers Work.
  • Diagnostic Codes.
  • Procedure Codes and Fees.
  • Signed Patient Registration Forms (to be kept in Client's office).
  • Registration with Clearinghouse which will distribute claims to the carriers.

Please see below the fees charged to Client by niwG’O Consultants, LLC:

  • Consultations 1 hour $125.00
  • General Information 30 minutes $75.00
  • Setup for CLIA applications 1 hour $150.00
  • On-site training $300.00
  • Authorization package $350.00 or $30.00 per month
  • Insurance verifications $350.00 which includes 30-50 claims a month
  • Insurance verifications $500.00 which includes 51-100 claims a month
  • Credentialing with billing $500.00 a month
  • Credentialing with consultation $175.00 a month

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